Body Therapy Energy Centers

« Our body, far from being a mechanical structure, says with its movements everything we feel »

Hugo Ardiles, La vida en mis cuerpos (2012)

The Body Therapy Energy Centers proposes to deepen and expand the potential of a person through movement and body awareness. In a time-space that frames the group activity and with music that facilitates dynamism, flexibility, creativity and physical and mental vitality, the BTEC helps us to see in a different way what we are and how we relate to others.

Small groups of between four and six participants experience how expression through movement helps them feel and navigate everyday situations, including those arising from the pandemic better. Created by the musician, doctor and Gestalt-psychotherapist Hugo Ardiles, the BTEC is based on yoga and develops a specific movement technique for each of the 7 centers, with the aim of dissolving the armor that we have created with time and lack of expression. So…

A solid Lower Center creates the energy, strength and support to provide us with what we need to live. As beings integrated into nature, we sustain on the ground and create roots from our feet and legs.

A flexible Lumbo-sacral Center distributes energy and connects us with pleasure. Joy arises from mobilizing the lower third of our spine, preventing lower back pain and liberating us from social repression.

A fluid Middle Center allows the transformation of the emotions. When we move our belly in and out, we make sorrows and joys flow, and create new emotions from what happens to us.

An open Heart Center, without armor, (re)discovers love towards ourselves and towards others. We open our chest, we see what is in front of us, and by accepting it, we decide what and how to share it (and what and how not to share).

An unblocked Throat Center makes effective communication possible. We release the muscles of the neck, let out what we have repressed and allow ourselves to learn new ways of being in the world.

A conscious Frontal Center observes without judgment. We see how we take root, enjoy, get excited, love and communicate, without punishing others nor punishing ourselves. This way we can change ourselves, rather than trying to force change upon others.

A permeable Coronary Center contacts us with the transcendent silence. Through a movement meditation, we calm the circular discourses of our mind.

Weekly sessions of 1 hour and 30 minutes, which include a speaking space:

• Tuesday 11 h. (EU) / 7 h. (Latin America): Advanced group online.

• Monday 9:30 am. (EU): Beginner group on site and online – from the end of March-

• Thursday 2.30pm. (EU) / 6.30 p.m. (Latin America): Beginner group online – from the end of March.

For other schedules send us an email to

EU price: € 20 Euros members LV / € 25 non-members.

We coordinate training sessions for instructors with the Hugo Ardiles School and participate in their workshops.

We are at your disposal if you want to ask us for more information.

The most important thing in personal evolution is the acquisition of consciousness, will power and freedom and these cannot be achieved without the use of consciousness, involuntarily and by force. One needs to consciously make a freely chosen voluntary effort.

Hugo Ardiles